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THE IMAGE IS JUST AN EXAMPLE OF THE COLOR PALATE AND STYLE, NOT NECCESSARILY THE EXACT ARRANGEMENT THAT WILL BE SENT. Each arrangements leaving Beau Fleurs is CUSTOM MADE at the time of order using the FRESHEST FLOWERS available. As the flower availability changes from day to day and season to season, the image shown is SIMPLY A REPRESENTATION of what might be delivered in terms of the overall color palate, style, texture etc. Choose a price point that you're comfortable with, and leave the rest to us. As we steer away from cookie cutter formula arrangements, every arrangement is unique and special and we guarantee it'll be gorgeous!

  • All prices in USD ($)

  • Awesome


  • Spectacular


  • Stunning


  • Exquisite


  • Over the top


Awesome - $74.95

Spectacular - $100.00

Stunning - $125.00

Exquisite - $150.00

Over the top - $200.00